Cover for your Bridge Club property and operations

TBIB has now provided many clubs around Australia with broader coverage, full claims management and reduced premiums.

Areas of cover we can look at for the individual Clubs are;

  • Club property
  • Club building and contents
  • Theft
  • Money
  • Business Interruption
  • Glass 
  • Machinery and Electronic equipment breakdown.

TBIB can provide a range of insurance to clubs on application. Contact TBIB for a review of your cost and coverage.

What the clubs are saying..

Canberra Bridge Club 

The arrangement with TBIB through the ABF introduced a new thinking allowing members to access a quality service at very competitive pricing.

The Canberra Bridge Club has placed its own insurance with TBIB and many of our members utilise the travel as well as general insurance.

The feedback from members to myself as President has always been extremely positive regarding service and critically, the speed and ease of claim settlement. The access to travel insurance for a number of our elder members has in affect allowed them to continue to undertake overseas travel.

Peter Giles
Past President – Canberra Bridge Club