Club partnerships

TBIB now has a great track record of working with the Australian Bridge Community – at a national and event level – to provide a range of ‘members only’ insurance perks as well as direct financial benefits through sponsorship.

While we already act as the broker for a number of Bridge Clubs, we believe that building stronger relationships with specific local clubs can generate a more direct mutual benefit.

Partnering with TBIB is an excellent way for your club to raise revenue while assisting us to raise our profile within the membership.

Benefits for Members

Of course there always needs to be a distinct benefit to Members who take advantage of this opportunity;

  • Discounted premiums
  • High quality personalised service and broker only policy wordings
  • Access to a Senior Qualified Broker
  • Full ‘end-to-end’ claims management

Where we can work together for a common objective and both receive a benefit as a result, then there is a mutually incentive for each party to contribute to the relationship to the best of their ability.

If we can provide a superior insurance management service to Members, and provide a direct financial contribution to the club, then everyone benefits and we can all concentrate on the job at hand.