Bridge is all about having the right partner..

Its the same with insurance, the right partner always has your back – and that’s our full time job.

If you are a member of the ABF, an affiliated club or State body, TBIB can provide exclusive, discounted insurance benefits for you, your club, and even your business and property.

For more than 10 years TBIB has been coming up with inventive cover solutions and preferential pricing for the Bridge community.

TBIB provides a full broking service to the ABF, State Associations, Affiliated Clubs and members. This involves the marketing, pricing and placement of insurance policies for State bodies and the wider community, as well as the ongoing management and review of those insurance policies and the management of claims arising out of those policies.

Fantastic Travel Insurance for you, your family & friends

TBIB provide the Australian Bridge community with an exclusive Travel Insurance policy with the convenience of an online application, and the security of real people assisting when things don’t go to plan.

The policy comes with a range of generous options for ABF members, their families and friends;

There are lots of travel insurance policies out there that seem alright for the money, but look a little closer and you’ll see most of them fall short – especially in areas such as coverage for pre-existing conditions and their miserly policy limits.

The ABF Travel Insurance cover continues to offer the very best coverage, pricing and member support. The policy retains the exclusive benefits you have come to expect.

We’re confident our ABF exclusive policies and premiums represent the very best value and cover you can find.

Play your cards right and talk to the people you know and trust – TBIB, insurance brokers of the Australian Bridge Federation.